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Patron Feedback

Great music, atmosphere and lots of Fun, Fun, Fun! —Christian Mathis

Thanks for bringing the Beach Boys to Australia, the were fantastic despite the wind and rain —Slavco Zipevski

Brilliant concert —Halin Hosken

Fantastic lineup guys. Thakn you. Perfect location and vibe. Hope to see it go ahead next year preferably without the rain. —Andrews Lee

Do it in cronulla next time —Nick Skapetis

Had a ball thanks for putting on a great show. Sitting on the hill in rain coats sharing laughs with everyone around about the weather and lunacy of sitting in said weather ... —Rob Buckworth

It was such a fantastic afternoon/evening! Loved every minute of it, the sound was perfect and there were plenty of "good vibrations". Thanks so much ... "Let's get together and do it again ..." —Giselle Morris

Great night thanks for organising. —Gary Ward

It was a great event, thanks for all the hard work put in. —Christain Todd

Had a ball, think the rain added to the fun night, a fantastic event, and the crowd were great, thanks guys —Maureen Munns

Great night —Debra Quartly-Newman

Thank you, thank you ... and thank you again ... and again !!! —Keryn Chilcott

The rain didn't stop The Good Vibrations, everyone still had fun, fun, fun at Bondi Beachfest !!! Thanks Steve & Ken for making history on Bondi Beach. You are legends. —Maria Fioretti

What a fantastic evening! We had the best night ever! Thakn you so much. —Ros Addesso

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